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Easy First Day of School Party to Keep the Jitters at Bay

Celebrate the start of a new school year with a First Day of School Party. From decorations to snacks and activities this party will earn you an A.

Going off to school for the first time can be exciting and a little scary, both for your child and for you. One way to help keep the fun flowing and to keep the jitters at bay is to host a First Day of School Party!

Once your children gets wrapped up in the fun of learning and preparing items for school they won't be able wait until it is time to meet their new teacher and make lots of new friends!

Back to School Décor

Decorating for this party is super fun and easy! You can use many items that you find around your house or at a craft or discount store.

Here I used paint trays to hold the cupcakes and the homemade play dough. Then I added a gumball machine that we just had sitting around and a calendar and clock from the dollar bin at Target!

In addition, you can help inspire your children to grow and learn by creating at wonderful environment for them to explore. Try creating a Learning Tree backdrop for your party with the help of your children and a little finger paint.

Once the party is over you can use it to decorate their room. Each day when they come home from school you can have them tell you what their favorite moment was that day or what they were most proud of and you can write it down and stick it to one of the handprints. 

You also have your child identify the items on your party table and then label each item with labels.

Children always get excited about treats! Here we used some beautiful cookies from JP Creatibles to decorate our cake.

My son simply could not wait to eat a crayon cookie! But besides just devoring the goodies, have your child use their budding vocabulary to describe them and then add those fun adjectives to your labels!

Back to School Tip: Playdate Cards

Many times your child will make a new friend at school but you might not have the opportunity to run into his or her mommy or caretaker.

If you have a few playdate cards made up with your phone number or even an email address created just to arrange playdates, your child can pass a card to their new friend and you will not miss an opportunity to invite them over!

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