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Celebrate Find a Rainbow Day: Because They Make Us All Smile

My daughter is somewhat obsessed with rainbows. One of her favorite TV episodes is Dora the Explorer and the Shy Rainbow. She never argues with me about getting dressed in anything with a rainbow graphic or with colorful stripes, "like a rainbow, Mommy!"

Knowing this, I'm really excited to introduce her to Find a Rainbow Day. April 3rd is the day set aside every year to do just that -- look for rainbows whether they are in the sky or created somewhere else.

We don't have to look hard to find one in our house since there is a drawing of a rainbow taped up in almost every room. I guess I first realized the extent of her fascination with the colorful arcs when drawings of them started emerging from the art table. A lot of them.

Although they don't follow the ROYGBIV color pattern exactly, she has definitely given every shade a fair chance as she intentionally draws squiggly curved lines one inside the other.

These creations make her happy. They make me happy, too.

That is the idea behind a day devoted to rainbows, because you can't help smiling when you see the bright, cheery bands of color.

Since there is no guarantee of finding an rainbow on a specific day, here is my list of ways to make sure we enjoy at least a few. Of course, we can always pull out the markers and add new masterpieces to our collection.

Turn a few drawings into cards and deliver them to family members so we can share the rainbow magic.

Make rainbow crayons by melting pieces of every color in muffin tins.

Learn about the colors of a rainbow and how they form in the sky.

Create edible rainbows with small, colorful candies.

Cut strips of colored tissue paper streamers to tape between two white paper plates creating a three-dimensional rainbow.

Let my daughter put together her own rainbow-colored ensemble for the day, even if it doesn't match.

These activities guarantee seeing a rainbow, but none of them compare to looking up to see one in the sky, especially for my rainbow-loving daughter. This is our challenge.

Despite her obsession, I can't remember her actually seeing a real rainbow. Though I usually fret over stormy weather, I am actually hoping for some rain and thunder on this day.

If I happen to see a few drops fall, we will definitely watch the sky looking for even a faint glimpse of color stretching across it.

What could be better for Find a Rainbow Day?


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