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Table Games for a Back-to-School Moms Brunch

With a little creative genius, you can put these back-to-school games into the fun zone, and use them to really get to know the parents that will become such a big part of your life over the next few months. Here are two great games to get you started.

Are you planning to host a back-to-school brunch for the other mothers in your child’s class? Icebreaker games often remind me of the sort of torture you endure when you are working on a college project or starting a new job. These two games are more in tuned with getting into the school spirit again.

Game #1: Have you ever?

My favorite icebreaker game is the “Have you ever?” game. It is like a grown-up version of truth or dare, and it really helps to build friendships with little effort.


Print out the questions below and give each guest a pencil. (If you have time, make our DIY Wallet Place Cards [insert link here], and put the questions in there.) Ask your guests to score themselves while you read out the questions on the list, taking care to give every question some time, so you can enjoy the conversation each one invites. Don’t worry if the conversation takes a turn and the game becomes redundant; the point is to ignite conversation and have fun! So even if you don’t finish the game, it has still worked its magic. But if you do finish it, award the person with the most points the winner.


Feel free to amend or change them as they apply to your group these are meant as a guide!

Have you ever…

Lost any of your family while shopping? (15 points)

Confused your children’s names? (20 points)

Left a baby book incomplete? (50 points)

Gone to the bus stop or driven your child to school in your PJs? (10 points)

Arrived late somewhere and blamed it on your child—when it was really your fault? (5 points)

Made a Meal Plan every week without fail? (10 points)

Decided on dinner at 5pm at night? (10 points)

Tripped over backpacks and shoes by the front door? (20 points)

Lasted the entire school year without having to buy a new lunch box? (50 points)

Spent more than an hour masterminding a school project? (10 points)

Found crayon, paint or marker on a piece of furniture? (10 points)

Found yourself watching and laughing at cartoons? (10 points)

Pulled an all-nighter stuffing party bags? (15 points)

Bought a larger car so your children’s friends can fit in the car? (50 points)

Gotten excited about buying school supplies? (20 points)

Known a parent only by who their child is, and not their own name? (10 points)

Found that you need to Google answers to your children’s homework? (50 points)

Game #2: School Bingo

Everyone loves bingo, and this school-focused bingo game is a great way to add an extra layer to your back-to-school brunch, where conversation will almost certainly be centered on the same kinds of topics.

How to play:

Print a 5x5 table with words, using various patterns for each bingo sheet—but the same words for each table. Place that at each table setting. (If you make our DIY Pocket Place Cards, fold them up and put them in there. [insert link here].)

When the brunch begins, ask your guests to take out their bingo sheet to begin playing.

Example Bingo Words:

Focus on words that are likely to be hot topics during the brunch, so that each time a word in mentioned, it is marked off on the bingo sheet. Here’s a list to get you started:




Daughter Bus







Name of the school

Name of the teacher








Morning routine






The first person to get 5 words in a row wins the brunch bingo. The line of 5 can be horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal! 

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