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Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: What Do You Think?

In case you haven't heard - though we doubt it! - Sprinkles unveiled the very first cupcake ATM last week.

Now, customers can get their hands on Sprinkles' cupcake creations any hour of the day with a quick stop at their fully-automated cupcake dispenser.

At first, when we heard about this, a few questions immediately jumped to mind: how fresh would these cupcakes be? what would the selection available to us look like? and when would we see the first cupcake ATM appear in NYC?

It turns out the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles' Beverly Hills location is just the beginning. Soon, they'll be selling everything from their cupcake mixes to dog treats from the machine, and they're also planning to expand.

Huffington Post reporter Lucy Blodgett stopped by the cupcake ATM to give it a try - she found the cupcakes look and taste as fresh as they would if you purchased one at the counter from a real human being. It seems, also, that Sprinkles plans to unveil the next of their ATMS in NYC.

As the thought of a cupcake ATM grew into more of a reality for us in NYC, though, we started asking other questions, these two sparked the most conversation:

Do we actually like the idea of a cupcake vending machine? Part of the charm cupcakes first held over us were the quaint little shops dedicated to their creation. We saw, at least here in NYC bakeries, busy bakers at work, crafting unique cupcakes with a passion we appreciate. With this ATM that charm goes right out the window.

The other thing is, cupcakes, for us, are special treats we like to indulge in for a special occasion or celebration. Having such easy access to the treats at 2AM just sounds like an even worse hangover we're headed for when we wake up Sunday morning.

Are we over thinking it?

I mean, can cupcakes ever come at a WRONG time?

Tell us your thoughts on this latest cupcake invention below!

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