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Perfect Pies for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Pies are as all-American as the Thanksgiving holiday, and a must have at your dessert spread after the big feast. 

As Thanksgiving traditions run deep in any family, it's sometimes tough to switch up the usual holiday menu. That being said, while your Uncle Bob might lose his mind if you skipped your famous mashed potatoes for dinner, he'll be a whole lot more receptive to shaking up dessert.

Offer traditional pie recipes, but give a few of them a small twist for an unexpected, but delicious Thanksgiving dessert. From individual fried pies to apple pie waffles to banana cream pie in a jar, we've got some untraditional approaches to the famous Thanksgiving treat, but we've also got less drastically changed recipes, too. Check them all out here!

  • You might expect us to start this perfect pie gallery with pumpkin, but this versatile cherry pie recipe is one we're loving for Thanksgiving 2012. Whether you want it sweeter or a tad bit sour, this dessert is delicious, simple and quick!

  • At first glance, these might look like empanadas, but they're actually homemade individual fried pies! Crispy flaky pie crust can be stuffed with your favorite pie filler for a handheld dessert that's as cute as it is delicious!

  • While pie is popular at Thanksgiving, it's not always something many people whip up for dessert regularly. If you're not a big pie baker, skip the more complicated lattice top on the traditional apple pie and use our recipe for a crumble topped Dutch apple pie instead.

  • Want to really shake things up this Thanksgiving? Instead of making our Dutch Apple pie, try infusing a waffle dessert with apples. A tower of sweet fall flavors, our apple pie waffles are definitely more dessert than breakfast. 

  • Blueberry pie is always right alongside the pumpkin and apple at our Thanksgiving celebrations. This homemade recipe is a quick, easy and absolutely delicious one!

  • At my family's Thanksgiving feast, pie seems to take over our dessert table. While fall favorites like pumpkin and apple are always scooped up, Nana's banana cream pie recipe is always grabbed the quickest. I love the idea of making individual servings ahead of time for the family to avoid mess and please a hungry crowd. Check out our banana cream pie in mason jar for a fun, rustic and trendy addition to your Thanksgiving!

  • No-bake Thanksgiving pies are resourceful, yet delicious dessert recipes to turn to. This no-bake Nutella pie offers a richer bite than traditional chocolate pudding pies and doesn't require as much work to prepare!

  • For something less expected, but just as easy, give our no-bake gingersnap pie a try this Thanksgiving.

  • We're wrapping up our pie gallery with the traditional pumpkin pie. As delicious and rich as any pumpkin recipe out there, our pie goes sans crust for a slice that's a little lighter, which is nice after such a big feast...or if you want to sample all of our pie recipes!

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