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Italian Dinner Party Ideas

Love Italian food? Than throw an Italian dinner party this summer! Check out some of these amazing recipes and décor ideas to make your next dinner party a great Italian feast.

Everybody loves a good Italian dinner party, mostly because Italian food is super filling and full of flavor. When throwing an Italian dinner party, it is important to keep that decadent feel everywhere, from the food to the décor. Most Italians love to eat and we have plenty of great recipes from antipasto to tiramisu and everything in between. Your guests will love these dishes that take those simple Italian foods to a whole new and delicious level.

  • Campari and Riesling Cocktail

    Start your Italian dinner party off right with this great campari and riesling cocktail. Your guests will love the bitter campari flavor paired with the sweet orange juice and riesling. With only 3 ingredients, this summer cocktail is so simple to make and perfect to serve for a large party!

  • Italian Themed Table Setting and Centerpiece

    As for the décor for your Italian dinner party, there is no need to get super fancy. All you need is a glass bowl for the center of your table and fill it with tri-color pasta. This simple centerpiece looks so rustic and chic…it’s sure to be a style your friends will copy. For the table décor opt for a crisp white table cloth and pair it with bold-patterned napkins and plates.

  • Antipasto Salad

    The next step after the drinks and décor is creating the perfect menu for your Italian dinner party. Appetizers are key because they are the first taste that set the tone for the rest of your menu. An antipasto salad is a must for any Italian dinner party and this simple recipe is a great first course. All you need to do is choose your favorite lettuce and then pile on the cheese, tomatoes, meats, and artichoke hearts.

  • Green Bean Parmesan Fritters

    These green bean parmesan fritters are another perfect appetizer to serve at your dinner party. They require minimal effort, but have a big taste, especially with that added parmesan cheese. Opt for different kinds of oil, or less oil all together, to make this recipe with fewer calories.

  • Individual Pita Pizzas

    An Italian dinner party is not complete until there's some pizza served. These individual sized pita pizzas are healthier for you and perfect for each party guest. Guests can even help in the kitchen and prepare their own pita pizzas with toppings of their choice.

  • Easy Turkey Meatballs

    Just like with pizza, you cannot have an Italian dinner party without meatballs as a main course! These turkey meatballs are perfect, especially because I personally don’t like meatballs with beef. If you are trying to be healthy than skip the pasta and make a bowl full of these your main course. Your guests will thank you for both the rich flavor and the calories they’ll save from ditching the pasta.

  • Individual Raspberry Tiramisu

    Do you ever make a dessert for your dinner parties and have SO much left over? Instead of eating cake for days, opt for individual raspberry tiramisus as your dinner party dessert. These adorable desserts will be much easier to serve and are made with their own little twist. Instead of espresso we used freshly brewed coffee and added raspberries to give it a sweeter touch. These tiramisus don’t even need any baking, just scoop and serve!

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