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5 Seating Tips to Make Your Wedding Perfect

If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, but struggling with the seating arrangements, struggle no more because we've got the answers. Check out our top 5 seating tips to make your wedding extra-special not just for the bride, but for everyone!

One of the most difficult tasks when planning a wedding is deciding who will sit by whom. As entertaining conversations and a stress-free environment is key to keeping your guests happy, it is best to carefully set up seating to prevent any discomfort or confusion. Here are our top 5 tips to make the seating arrangements for your wedding an easy and enjoyable process!

  • No. 1: Escort Cards and Place Cards

    A key in wedding seating is to make it easy for your guests to find their seats! There are so many creative options for escort and place cards, but make sure they are easy to spot and easy to read. One of our favorites is on Louisville Wedding Blog where they used apples and apple barrels as seating cards. She chose to separate the barrels by last name and attach her guests’ names and tables to the apples themselves! This idea is unique and perfect for a casual, outdoor wedding.

  • No. 2: Allow for Conversation

    Another important seating tip is to make sure you set up the tables to allow for active conversation, but also give your guests enough room to be comfortable. This is simple to achieve. If you make your floral arrangements in the center of the table a little smaller, guests will be able to easily see and talk to each other. Also, consider using a 5.5’ round table instead of the standard 5’ to seat 8 guests so they can be close, but not overwhelmingly close.

  • No. 3: Sweetheart’s Table

    Traditionally, the groom is seated to the right of the bride and guests are alternated female-male at the head table. Some couples are now switching this up and making their own “Sweetheart’s Table” for just the two of them instead. While some people aren’t keen on the bride and groom having their own table, we think it is just adorable, especially for pictures! Also, make the bride and groom's table stand out by adding different floral arrangements or a special backdrop. We love these rustic “xoxo” pennants for the bride and groom’s sweetheart table!

  • No. 4: Specialty Guest Seating

    Properly seating the elderly, pregnant and young children is very important at a wedding. You want to seat children further back during the ceremony, but near the dance floor during the reception. Seat the elderly and pregnant guests near the exits and bathrooms so they aren’t walking across the entire venue and into pictures throughout the night! Also, seating the elderly and hard of hearing close to where the service is and where the speeches will be is advisable. This round seating gives such a tight-knit feel and everyone will love that there are multiple first rows to sit in.

  • No. 5: Long vs. Round Tables

    Long tables are becoming increasingly popular amongst wedding venues today. This wedding by Tamryn Kirby has only one giant table, representing a big wave. We love how unique this décor is and how everyone can feel so close and connected! At a round table you want to seat each couple next to each other; however, at a rectangular table you want couples placed across from each other. These long-form tables are on the rise for trendy couples getting married today!

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