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100 Days of School Project Ideas

As they begin their scholastic journey, 100 days is a very big deal. Celebrate accordingly with these fun craft ideas!

  • Palette of 100 Colors

    It's hard to name or even imagine 100 colors at this age, but it's easier than you might think to gently mix and come up with 100 different shades of colors. Your child will be amazed at what they can create with the smallest of changes!

    Image via One Inch World

  • Self Portraits at 100 Years Old

    Going from 100 days to 100 years, this is a great art project to stretch children's' imaginations. It will get them thinking about what they might look like at the age of 100 in a fun and playful way.

    Image via Room Mom 101

  • Cupcakes Numbered 1-100

    For a larger group, this is a wonderful way to represent the big number. Just don't let one person eat all 100!

    Image via Party Cupcake Ideas

  • Wearable Add-On Jar

    This is an adorable way to create wearable art. This add-on jar can be filled with a hundred of almost anything, but we really love the idea of filling it with a hundred hearts. There's more than enough love to go around!

    Image via Tip Junkie

  • 100 Balloons

    While the song may say "99 Red Balloons", 99 just isn't enough for this occasion! This class from The First Grade Parade released one hundred balloons, each tagged with a message and email address asking the person who found the balloon to email back letting the class know where and when the balloon was found.

    Image via The First Grade Parade

  • 100th Day Board

    This simple and fun 100th Day Board was created by the school so all students could run through to celebrate.

    Image via Busy Bees

  • Colorful Caterpillar

    This colorful caterpillar was made out of 100 pom poms. An adorable idea that any child will love!

    Image via Howdy Kids

  • Collections of 100

    In this kindergarten class, each student got to collect 100 of the item of their choice, and their collections were then mounted outside the classroom to help show the other students what the big number really looks like!

    Image via Growing Kinders

  • Colorful Spaghetti

    This idea is extremely simple, but the final product looks awesome! All you need is some colorful dye and raw pasta.

    Image via San Antonio Mom

  • 100-Shaped Cookies

    These adorable and colorful 100 shaped cookies were made by a kindergarten teacher for her class. 

    Image via Kindergarten Crayons

  • "100" Cupcake Toppers

    These scrumptious cupcake toppers will transform a simple cupcake into a celebration, and remind everyone just how special the 100th day of school really is!

    Image via Heather's Sweets and Treats

  • 100 Flowers

    We love this idea for a beautiful garden filled with one hundred paper flowers nestled behind a popsicle stick picket fence.

    Image via Wooster School

  • Gumball Machine

    The Gumball Machine filled with 100 Gumballs is a 100th Day of School favorite. Children get to use those fine motor skills to place and paste the gumballs, so this project not only creates an impressive display that your child is sure to be proud of, but is also developmentally beneficial!

    Image via In My Blessed Nest

  • Gumdrop Picture Frame

    This colorful gumdrop frame features one hundred gumdrops and is a great age-appropriate project for kids and the perfect reminder for your child to keep in their room long after the 100th day passes.

    Image via The Kings

  • 100 Handprints

    This craft is an amazing way to incorporate many children into the 100th day celebration. Plus, it really has that (literal) personal touch!

    Image via Rainbows Within Reach

  • 100 Melted Crayons

    This beautiful display of melted crayon art features one hundred crayons, fifty on top and on bottom. Make your own with our creative colorful DIY tutorial!

    Image via So Knit Picky

  • Penny-Covered Initial

    Finally a good use for all that spare change! Use one hundred old pennis for this cute copper-covered initial idea.

    Image via The Blackberry Vine

  • "100"-Shaped Rice Krispie Treat

    What child doesn't love rice krispie treats? This idea is sure to be a hit in the classroom. Easy to mold and shape into the number, this classic rice krispie treat can easily be made by your child and enjoyed by all the kids in the class.

    Image via The Murphrees

  • 100 Tallies T-Shirt

    This home-made t-shirt is such a creative way to celebrate the big day!

    Image via Really Quite Lucky

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