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10 Gross Dishes NOT to Serve at Your Party

If maggot cheese balls and fruit bat soup is on your menu, you may want to consider swapping the soup for a classic chicken noodle and the cheese balls for a traditional cube of cheddar. 

Unless your goal is to scare your guests away before dessert, stay away from any gag-inducing or gross-looking foods that they may not be accustomed to.

And while we're all for watching people with daring taste buds dig in to some of the world's grossest grub, some of these shocking dishes are sure to leave most guests feeling slightly nauseated.

  • Birds Nest Soup - Sure we’re accustomed to using chicken broth in our soups, but the Chinese have taken it one step further and incorporated an actual bird’s nest into their Birds Nest Soup. Your guests may prefer a more traditional serving of chicken noodle soup.

    Image via Forbes

  • Ikizakana - Sushi lovers may appreciate the flavor of raw fish, but this Japanese Ikizakana sashimi dish puts a new meaning to the word fresh. The fish is killed so recently that it is served while still twitching. Certainly not for the faint at heart.

    Image via Tokyo Bounce

  • Fruit Bat Soup - Another broth we can’t say we’re totally crazy about trying – this soup is served with a unique fruit eating bat floating at the bottom. Scientists say regular consumption of bats is harmful, but we’re sure just one bite wouldn’t hurt if you’re not super grossed out yet!

    Image via Damn Cool Pictures

  • Balut - We may use eggs in most breakfast foods and dessert recipes, but our eggs are usually fetus-free. This dish is essentially a boiled egg with a duck fetus inside, served traditionally in the Philippines.

    Image via Hotels Phillipines

  • Casu Marzu - If you’re planning on serving a classy wine and cheese party, we suggest leaving the Casu Marzu off the menu. Your guests might be shocked at the tiny maggots floating around in their cheese.

    Image via Always Foodie

  • Jellied Moose Nose - Because of Alaska’s fierce weather, a plush green farm housing cow and chickens are a rarity. The natives of Alaska have turned to other food sources and gotten creative with recipes like this Jellied Moose Nose. Certainly not the choice for a classy dinner party.

    Image via John Halls Alaska

  • Hasma - is an ingredient commonly used by the Chinese in dessert recipes. It is made from the fallopian tubes of a particular breed of frog.

    Image via Wen's Delight

  • Cockscomb - This unique treat is made using the red dangly part under a rooster’s beak (cockscomb).  A dish served better on fear factor than at dinner.

    Image via Ideas in Food

  • Black pudding - This pudding is less of a creamy dessert and more of a meaty sausage. With a nickname like blood sausage, it’s not hard to guess that it’s main ingredient is blood.

    Image via Gastronomy Domine

  • Holodets (Jellied Meat) - Eastern Europeaners spend hours boiling and mixing this celebratory jellied meat dish, but we don’t recommend serving your guests this unique dish without warning.  The ingredients vary based on chef, but the main staples include items such as pigs feet and veal shanks.

    Image via Taste Russian

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